Who we are

Established in 2017, to meet the international standards and to serve the rapid growing Georgian Energy Sector at the various levels.

For more than 20 years, the founding partners of Angelic Energy have served the power sector. Their Experience ranges from development, construction, testing and commissioning to day to day operations and maintenance of some modern power plants in the emerging region.

We provide specialized management consulting services the technical expertise to client involved with power projects and other energy applications. Our project experience is global and includes Hydro, pulverized coal, Oil and gas fired boilers and turbine generator sets, combined and simple cycle merchant and co-generation power plants, Also Solar power for domestic and commercial.

We know that our future depends on positive performance and earning the client's respect through hard work.

What We Do

Angelic Energy LLC is a company in the field of power automation, testing, commissioning services and Product trading,. Completely dedicated to the professional management of thermal and renewable power generation assets, our experience and management services cover every phase of a power project, from development through asset management, of nearly every conventional and alternative energy technology.

Our services are marked by our commitment to provide the right approach to meet our clients' needs.

We proudly offer to provide all of these services with the confidence that comes from having done so, successfully, with a wide Experience of “Owner Engineer”, “Independent Engineer”, “Technical Adviser” and “O&M Operator”

mission & values

For more than 20 years each of our partners has made it a personal quest to serve the market and the people they represent with respect and integrity. This philosophy has transformed into the ethics and becomes the guiding force for the conduct of Angelic Energy LLC services.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide alternative key solutions at one place, in a manner that is consistent with our core values.

The Mission of Angelic Energy is to be a World Class Company from The Country of Georgia, through our strong belief in people and a desire to make the difference real. Many companies employ people to run a business, whereas Angelic Energy has made it its Mission to transform the Company which recognizes its people as driving force and the asset of the Company.

Angelic Energy believes that its Mission supersedes its profits. Like any other commercial organization, earnings are equally important to us but at the same time, we also believe that profits are a consequence of serving society well, by fulfilling our Mission.


These values serve as the beacon light and a compass for our business. The values are:

Angelic Energy LLC Values and Principles are the "glue" that hold our company together, worldwide, despite being a collection of unique businesses, set in vastly distinct cultures and “we Expanding our Angelic wings to Prospect future for the Georgian Energy Security and Social wealth”.

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